Menopause Awareness Month – What is Permienopause?

Did you know? September is National Menopause Awareness Month!
We begin a three-part series answering frequently asked questions, beginning with, “What is Perimenopause”?

Perimenopause is the transition from fully functioning, on-all-four cylinders ovaries to “retired” ones. Ovaries gradually produce less estrogen and start acting erratically. In the last 1-2 years of perimenopause, the drop in estrogen accelerates. Women are still having menstrual cycles during this time and can get pregnant.

When does Perimenopause begin?

Perimenopause typically begins 10 years before menopause. It usually starts in a woman’s 40s, but can start in the 30s as well. Perimenopause lasts up until menopause, the point when the ovaries stop releasing eggs.

What are Perimenopause symptoms?

Symptoms range from fatigue, moodiness, weight gain, hot flashes, night sweats, insomnia, low libido, irregular periods, dry skin, and vaginal dryness to name a few.

What is a proven solution to relieve Perimenopause symptoms?

Replace depleted estrogen and testosterone with hormones that mimic what the body makes. This lessens the symptoms of menopause.

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