It’s Women’s Health Week and You’re In Your 60’s…

The 19th annual National Women’s Health Week kicked off on Mother’s Day, May 13, and is celebrated through May 19, 2018. The Mother’s Day kick-off provides the perfect impetus for women of all ages to honor and respect themselves by making better health choices. Sadly, women’s health issues and care are often lamentably not a priority in many male-oriented physician practices. As such, it is important that all women take a proactive stance in ensuring they receive the best healthcare possible; this can only happen by educating ourselves. Knowledge is POWER. The following are steps/choices that women can take towards living their best life at any age:

60s – STD and bone density testing!

  • The little blue pill means that men are eagerly having sex much later in life and thanks to women no longer able to get pregnant STDS are rampant in retirement and assisted living communities and nursing homes. According to the CDC, between 2007 and 2011, chlamydia infections among Americans aged65 and over increased by 31 percent, and syphilis by 52 percent. Why? Viagra for men + hormone therapies for women + can’t get pregnant = STDS.
  • The 60s mean its time to schedule a bone density test to determine if you have osteoporosis. The test estimates the amount of bone in your hip and spine and other bones as well. The stronger your bones the lesser your chance of falling and perhaps breaking a bone. No bone breakage means no rehab and no extended long-term care which means you will better able to keep your freedom and, most importantly, freedom of movement! Your test result can help your healthcare provider make recommendations to help you protect your bones.
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