GOOP is Dangerous To Your Health: Part 1

No, I’m not talking about GOOP Hand Cleanser, although if ingested it most certainly be dangerous to your health, but instead I’m referring to actress Gwyneth Paltrow’s on-line luxury site, Goop, which offers “cutting edge wellness advice from doctors.”

Firstly, I know of no doctors that would make some of the recommendations suggested for “wellness” on this site. Not only are some of the suggestions absurd, they are flat out dangerous to your health!

Absurd Suggestion #1 – Steam Clean Your Vagina

Officially called a “Mugworth Steam” mugwort is used to steam clean your uterus, et al. Personally, I think mugwort sounds like something from a Harry Potter movie. Do you REALLY want to clean your vagina with something called mugwort? In a word, no. Mugwort is a plant that can be found in the British Isles and was used, primarily, to flavor beer before hops because widely into use. In addition, the Happy Herb Company espouses that if placed under your pillow, mugwort will “induce dreams of prophecy and meaning as well.” My thought is if you are thinking about partaking in the mugwort vagina steam and, believe in prophecy, your vagina will tell you this is a CRAZY dangerous practice!

As I have stated in my book “How Your Doctor is Slowing Killing You: A Women’s Health Guide,” the vagina is a self-cleaning oven; it doesn’t need to be cleaned, douched or doused. Not only could you burn your very sensitive nether regions you could also disturb the good bacteria naturally found in the vagina.

The following is a direct quote from Goop: ”It is an energetic release not just a steam douche – that balances the female hormone levels. If you’re in LA, you have to do it.”
Apparently if you aren’t in LA, you don’t have to do it? By the way, the above statement was part of Goop’s endorsement of the Mugworth V-Steam offered at a Korean spa located in Santa Monica.

Absurd Suggestion #2 – Steaming the Vagina “balances the female hormone levels”

The uterus has nothing to do with balancing the “female hormone levels.” Estrogen, progesterone and testosterone (yes, females make testosterone) are happily ensconced in the ovaries. If they happen to be out of balance, it’s not the vagina’s fault! Blame the ovaries!

Better yet, DON’T waste your time and money steam cleaning your vagina in any shape or form, much less with a mugwort steam! If you think your hormones may be out of balance simply reach out to any of our qualified, professional health providers at DeRosa Medical who can get you back into hormone balance with NO vagina steam cleaning involved! Remember, we are here to help you Feel Better. Live Better!

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