Christina’s Testimonial

“I am 36 years old and for the last six years have been suffering from severe systems that were impacting my day to day quality of life as well my family. Year over year, my symptoms got worse and I was unable to find the root of my issues. I was referred to DeRosa Medical by a co-worker who said, “This will be the greatest gift you give yourself.” Skeptical, I made an appointment. The office staff set proper expectations on the process. I returned exactly five days later (which is important as I have a tight schedule).

Jen Collins provided a deep dive into my blood work, educating me on elements critical to my health and well being. From beginning to end my experience at DeRosa Medical has been efficient, warm, and consistent! Since the analysis and recommended treatment, my quality of life has improved and I am relieved to have to have found a solution that is realistic for my lifestyle. DeRosa Medical is not about medicating, but finding natural balance in the changes that women AND men go through. It is important to know that we have options and choices to improve how we feel every day! I have recommended DeRosa to my co workers, family, and friends because I believe in the education and services they provide.

– Christina F.

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