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At DeRosa Medical, our patients are our priority. When you’re happy, we’re happy. Here are some patient testimonials. Take a few minutes and see what our patients have to say about us:

I would like to take this opportunity and thank you for the wonderful hormone assessment you have done for me. I was experiencing many annoying symptoms which, when coupled together, were taking a toll on me physically. It became most apparent when I was training for a half marathon and was having fatigue issues when training (uncharacteristic of me). I was feeling fatigued (which I was attributing to intermittent sleep); lethargic (totally not my Type A personality: fighting weight issues (despite diet and exercise) and severely dry skin.

As soon as we met, you suggested a hormone panel. The blood work was easy and the results were quick. I was significantly deficient in many critical areas. After insertion of my first biodentical hormone pellets (one month ago), I could not believe the difference in how I felt within literally days. Now, after a month and a tweaking boost last week, I feel fantastic. The texture of my skin alone has been commented on by numerous friends who had no idea I was having the treatment.

You said it best to me, “You don’t realize how bad you are feeling, until you are feeling better.” It is SO TRUE!

Finally, and equally importantly, I would like to comment that in all of my years of seeing doctors, I have never had the personal, customized care I am receiving from your practice. So many medical practices are all “about the money” and you only see Nurse Practitioners instead of a real doctor. I appreciated the time you took personally with me. Your explanation made sense and significantly increased my comfort level. Your team really cares and takes the time to answer all of my questions.

I thank you and the entire DeRosa Medical team. I will continue to refer my friends and family to you.

– Warmly, Laurie

As we all try to better our lives and health, most people find it very important to have a doctor that they can speak to openly, feel like the doctor actually cares and listens to what you have to say. Finding a doctor like this does not happen often, but I can say that I have found that doctor.

Dr. Angela DeRosa has a quality that most people never experience when they are at a doctor’s office. She listens, and spends quality time with you. I look forward to seeing Dr. DeRosa & her staff. They are great and wonderful people to work with… first class.

I highly recommend going to DeRosa Medical for guaranteed quality medical care!

– Patient Freddy E.

I was recommended to Dr. Angela DeRosa when my own personal doctor was cutting down her workload. I was a little nervous b/c I truly loved my former doctor, but as soon as I met Dr. DeRosa I felt as if we were old friends. I have a very extensive and extremely complicated medical history, however; she had already read my history (although she allowed me to explain it in my own words) before my first appointment. She had some immediate ideas after looking over my medications and current symptoms about what might be happening, but she said she did not want to make any diagnosis until she had several tests performed. (Also, my appt. was for 30 minutes, but she spent almost 3 times that w/ me b/c she wanted to be thorough) On my next visit, she had the results of the tests which were exactly what she had predicted. She gave me several options with the pros/cons of each along with the prices of each. I was very confident w/ my choice b/c she was very upfront w/ each option. Also, even though my situation was not life threatening, it was causing severe interference w/ every aspect of my life. Every other doctor, instead of testing for alternative causes, assumed that b/c I have chronic illnesses; that I was pretty much doomed to a life of exhaustion, being on disability, and never having the energy to live, only to survive. My gratitude is infinite, as is my husband’s and family’s. One final note (and thank you for bearing with me thus far) her office staff is also, truly amazing: Very sympathetic and professional, not to mention efficient and courteous. They promptly return phone calls and always do a courtesy call reminder for appointments. To view my complete review please visit:

– Patient Emily S.

“I recently went to an event called a ‘Hormonal Happy Hour’. It was a fantastic wine-infused educational event that was surprisingly enlightening. It was hosted by my favorite client and doctor, Dr. Angela DeRosa of DeRosa Medical.

I’ve never thought much about hormones, and have just been praying that my body doesn’t morph to the dark side anytime soon, which is when I thought I’d have to worry about hormone levels. Well, my unenlightened pea brain had a lot to learn! I was really amazed at the fundamental role hormones play in our overall health, and how imbalances can trigger everything from insomnia, to heart palpitations, to lack of motivation (such as my workouts!), to depression – for men and women. Plus, I learned that while menopause hits women at 52 on average, you experience progressively varying hormone changes for up to 20 years beforehand. Yikes. Men go through andropause, and I realized I know nothing about how that affects the guys. The trouble is that if we don’t address our fundamental hormones, lots of other problems pop up – and we end up treating them medicinally through various specialty doctors, when the root cause should have been addressed hormonally. Dr. DeRosa also made some incredibly interesting statements about how cellular inflammation that ultimately leads to cancer can be impacted early hormonally.

I am more impressed with Dr. DeRosa’s medical acumen than ever before. I’ve shared this information with my entire circle of friends and family, and those who have gone to see Dr. DeRosa raved about her practice, her staff, and the great level of care.

Our health is fundamental to everything in our lives, and our hormones are fundamental to our health. I can’t encourage you enough to become better educated and to assess how much hormone therapy could benefit you.”

– Stacie

“I wanted to take a moment and reflect on how you have literally changed my life in the past 12 months. I have never said that to any other doctor. I came in on an entirely different issue and you took one look at me and asked if I was perimenopausal and feeling draggy. I was shocked and told you that I have been wearing a Climera patch for 4 years but still felt tired, trouble with sleeping, dry skin, etc.

You suggested a hormone panel immediately and found that my testosterone was precipitously low and my estrogen as well. After a very personalized discussion (you spent a long time really explaining the situation to me), you prescribed bio-identical hormone pellets. The easy and painless procedure took less than 10 minutes and my body immediately responded. Being in my early 50s, I could not believe that you really could help restore my body hormonally to my thirties. But you have and I cannot thank you enough.

My libido is fully revved (just ask my hubby) ☺, my skin is soft, I can sleep at night, there are no more night sweats, I could go on and on.

As you now I have referred numerous people to you who have all enjoyed similar results.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

– Laurie, age 54

“I came to you at my wife’s insistence. I have been feeling very exhausted lately, reduction in general energy, highly reactive to stress, etc. She insisted that I see you for a hormone panel. Until she told me, I did not realize that hormone replacement therapies existed for men. To my surprise, my testosterone was so extremely low, you were not sure how I was continuing a rigorous exercise routine. At any rate, after talking with you, I agreed to my first insertion. It was very easy, quick and painless. And I FEEL GREAT! This is a story that needs to get out to more men, especially those in mid to late forties who are experiencing fatigue, stress intolerance, moodiness, reduced sex drive, etc.

Thank you Dr. D!”

– Rodney, age 45

“I can’t thank you enough for explaining to me what was happening and how by balancing my hormones the rest would fall into place.

I wasn’t sure it would work, but I believed you were the last hope of my ever getting well. I had been to my OBGYN for years about the same problems, had so many tests and changes of medication but I never got better, in fact, I was getting worse.

You said I would be able to sleep through the night, I would gain back my energy and I would lose weight too.

By the second night the pellets kicked in and I slept soundly for the first time in years. Over time my energy level kept increasing, I was able to do more and I started to lose the weight too. I felt like a new person and in six weeks I was off depression medication.

Any one of those would have been a gift but you gave me all three.

If that wasn’t enough you were able to turn my dear friend’s life around too. We are giddy with joy of being back to our old…I mean young selves. You believe in us…that it wasn’t our fault…this guilt that we had felt for years was gone and thanks to you will not be coming back.

God Bless you and your wonderful staff.”

– Susan, age 65

“The quality of care at DeRosa Medical is the best we’ve ever encountered. Attention is given to all aspects of health and well being. Dr. DeRosa and staff take a genuine interest in all patients and their care, making sure we fully understand recommended treatments. They take the time to explain things clearly and concisely. As patients we appreciate having a doctor who listens as we explain our pains and health concerns. Everyone at DeRosa Medical is professional, courteous, and compassionate.”

– Joan, age 58 & Ron, age 69

“I came to Dr. DeRosa on a recommendation from my wife. She had been extremely pleased with the doctor and the entire office. I had several issues, low testosterone level, trouble with blood pressure, thyroid and weight. Dr. DeRosa put together a plan that would address these issues. I am feeling much better with my overall health. Dr. DeRosa is different from other doctors in that she takes the time to listen and explains things in very basic terms. She makes you feel there is no reason to consult another doctor, she can handle all issues. She has a wonderful personality. She is very knowledgeable and makes you feel comfortable.”

– Jim, age 70

“It all started, at 180 pounds at age 37 and remembering when I felt and looked my best before my baby was born. Six years had passed and nothing changed. I began to seek God in prayer. My requests were; that I could follow something that works, something I could live by and that the weight would just literally melt off of me. (Actual Words!) At the time I was always tired, “all the time”. Not understanding what was happening, I was afraid that I was completely at fault. I could not explain or fix it. I went to another medical clinic that doesn’t really invest their time or talents in this matter. They referred me to DeRosa Medical. I could not see the plan God was laying out for me, so I was skeptical. “I realized now,” He didn’t want me to do it alone. He didn’t want me to do it unsafely. He gave me and my husband understanding and truth for my answers. He says, “The truth will set you free”, (John 8:31-32) I trusted what was being taught to me; knowing through petitioning Jesus, I could trust the peace I felt that what I was learning was the truth. DeRosa Medical has an incredible staff. From the time you walk in you feel the support of something great! I received all the benefits. Dr. Angela DeRosa is truly amazing, from your personal experience with her, to her wealth of knowledge of beauty and health. I suffer with very sensitive skin. As an instructor of cosmetology I have tried a lot of skin care products. Nothing was helping me. Through her awesome care and rewards for my weight loss, I was able to experience products that really produced results. Her products are sheet and complete. The results are pleasingly clear and vivid just like her weight loss medical approach. ‘THANK YOU, DeRosa Medical for my 67 pound loss!’

– Rebecca, age 39

“For the first time, I’ve found a doctor that is willing to take the journey with me. The kindness shown me on my appointments and quality time given to me by both Dr. DeRosa and her staff in unlike any I’ve experienced with other health care providers. I’ve had some experiences in the past that caused great anxiety and fear about seeing a healthcare provider but within my first visit to DeRosa Medical, I realized I had found an extraordinary doctor willing to treat the whole person and not just the symptoms. My health and well-being has benefited from her influence and compassion. I am grateful for the partnership.”

– Cheryl, age 53

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