Team DeRosa Grads

A university diplomaOur dedication to providing exceptional levels of patient care is carried out at every level, which is why we often have medical students or physicians in training as part of our active staff. Seeing patients is a vital part of the learning experience, and learning is a lifelong commitment. We truly appreciate patients who are open to empowering the next generation.

We’re not a typical medical practice, and we want every Team DeRosa member to be able to shine in his or her own way, and continue to learn. Many of our staff members find their passion and return to school to advance their healthcare education or to explore new horizons. We are proud that within the 2013 graduating class of Midwestern University’s Arizona College of Medicine, three of ten department award winners trained with DeRosa Medical.

While it’s hard to see staff members move on, we are so proud of their accomplishments!

Ashley Badenhorst is now a Physician’s Assistant

Lindsey Bell is now a nurse

Kim Boerner is in her last year of PA school

Aly Meyers is now a Physician’s Assistant

Kendra Gray, DO is now an OB/GYN Superstar

Chelsea Daniels is now a Physician’s Assistant

Jodi Sheets is now a nurse

Molly Letourneau is now a nurse

Troy Ricks became a US technician

Heather Neal is now a Registered Nurse

Casey Sharp is attending Podiatry School

Ashley Wiesel is now a Registered Nurse

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