Get Your Flu Shot! It’s Not Too Late!

Although it is the holiday season, it’s not too late to get the flu vaccination!

This week is National Influenza Vaccination Week (NIVW), and at DeRosa Medical, we highly recommend folks get the flu shot. Even if you have already gotten sick with flu, you can still benefit from vaccination since the flu vaccine protects against three or four different types of flu viruses.   

It is especially important for those who are at high risk for developing flu-related complications get the flu vaccine. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) people at high risk are:

And, people who have the following medical conditions including:

  • Asthma
  • Neurological and neurodevelopmental conditions [including disorders of the brain, spinal cord, peripheral nerve, and muscle such as cerebral palsy, epilepsy (seizure disorders), stroke, intellectual disability (mental retardation), moderate to severe developmental delay, muscular dystrophy, or spinal cord injury].
  • Chronic lung disease (such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease [COPD] and cystic fibrosis)
  • Heart disease (such as congenital heart disease, congestive heart failure and coronary artery disease)
  • Blood disorders (such as sickle cell disease)
  • Endocrine disorders (such as diabetes mellitus)
  • Kidney disorders
  • Liver disorders
  • Metabolic disorders (such as inherited metabolic disorders and mitochondrial disorders)
  • Weakened immune system due to disease or medication (such as people with HIV or AIDS, or cancer, or those on chronic steroids)
  • People younger than 19 years of age who are receiving long-term aspirin therapy
  • People with extreme obesity (body mass index [BMI] of 40 or more)

Remember, anyone who gets flu can pass it to someone at high risk of severe illness, including infants younger than six months who are too young to get the vaccine.

Call your DeRosa Medical health care provider to get your flu shot today. It’s not too late!

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